Ascension: How to Be a LightHouse

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We alive at this time are the luckiest people who have ever lived — and the ones facing the wildest, most terrifying challenges. This is not just a “deep paradox,” it’s an existential invitation to keep waking up, right now.~Terry Patten

46722512 - the lighthouse westerhever (germany, schleswig holstein, north frisia) photographed at a red sunset.

Ascension is now. You are in it. In fact, more than that: You are it. You are the Lightholders. And you have been bridging the gap between the old and new. And the transformation is happening. You may feel tired and bedraggled and, at times, like you are going around in circles over and over…so maybe it’s time to become a lighthouse?


What you don’t see is that each time you sink low, you then emerge higher and brighter. Each time crap comes up to be cleared is an opportunity for you to release. Yes, the world seems split into duality. Light and Dark. Dark and Light. Yes, a wave of the residue of the stuff previously concealed–the coroded, deep-seated nasty pestilence is coming to the surface to clear. And it may make you want to run and hide. It may make you want to back into a corner. But you have been there and done that already. So, before you duck aside, before you step out of the way, feel into the power of light. Before you get distracted by the endless overwhelming minutia of daily existence. Before you get depressed by the news and the fear spewing through the media, check in and realize that you just are one of many people here to help. To hold the light and illuminate the earth.


And we have help.


Angels are here. They walk among us. Indeed, they always have been here. They are the unseen hands who guide you through a crowded street, the arms who yank you back from stepping unduly into traffic. They hold doors onto subways an extra second so you can make it to your interview. They often appear as human helpers by either taking their form or putting them in your path to give you an encouraging glowing smile just when you need it, a perfectly timed invitation of a phone call from a dear friend. They are the whispered words of love repeated in the lyrics of a song you hear on the radio and can’t stop repeating. They are the rainbow refracted through your window just at the moment your heart feels too heavy to continue. They are the joy the comes out of nowhere and transforms a moment of fear, into a moment of stillness. They vibrate in the knowingness that you are here for a purpose, a divine purpose in a time of pivotal shift on our path of ascension.  And when you allow that knowingness, when you receive it into you, and let it sink in deep, you radiate and hold space for countless others.


They ask you to become consciously aware of your role as a light holder. To find your tribe, your soul group, or the people who work with you. They ARE around you if you look around. Some are really close. Some are getting closer. They ask you, to find your spiritual practice, or discover a new one, or return to one you abandoned. You’ll know it as the activity that nourishes your soul. They ask you to connect to high vibration energy to replenish you and your system. For me, Rainbow Energy Healing, the modality of light, sound, and Archangel guidance is one such energy (founded by Chris Cucuirean It is the rainbow-hued energy of angels, here to heal and uplift humanity on a global scale. It brings us into balance and harmony with the energy of source. It is the essence of peace on earth, of a co-created heaven and infinite possibility. It is the energy of ascension.


And whenever you doubt yourself. Know that you are undergoing a massive shift. That you too are transforming. Be gentle. Be kind with you. If you need to sleep, sleep. If you need to dance, crank up the music. Put your heart into it. Find people who not only love you just because but also encourage you to be brave. And to do what you are here to do. Shine brightly.


And whenever you need to:





Become a LightHouse.