Are You Feeling A Little Like a Fish In A Bowl? Here’s a List of Things That are Essential.

As You Navigate the dos and don’ts and the changing landscape of Covid-19, here is a list of things that are still available and, more than that, are essential. We are so much more than just our physical bodies. Our immune systems are connected to our emotions and our thoughts, so consider the big picture as you look after you and yours.

1. Discernment. So there’s a ton of info coming at you, often from friends and loved ones who are in a state of panic and overwhelm. Before you absorb their panic or confusion (especially if you are an empath), it’s important to not entrain with their emotional state and, instead, check the source of the information. So do set firm boundaries when there is a big ball of fear and confusion coming at you. There’s a lot of fear based information being spread and, often, when you check the source…there isn’t one.

2. Mindfulness. This means paying attention and moving into a state of witnessing. This allows you to make decisions about how to respond to situations and people from love without getting sucked into unconscious reactivity. There are lots of mindfulness practices to help you with this and this may be the perfect time to explore them.

3. Kindness. While we are practicing social distancing, which really just means physical distancing, it is still safe to make eye contact and to smile. Ask yourself each day, How can I be of service? Doing good, feels good and that is just plain good. No one ever got sick from a smile and smiles can be contagious in the best sense.

4. Reading. Take any extra time and put your hands on a book and dive in. Fiction or Non-Fiction. Feels so good.

5. Music. Music lifts your spirits but it can be so healing. Everything has a vibration, including viruses. Playing something you love is wonderful and can transform your mood. Playing 432 HZ is said to transmute the virus. So get listening!

6. Trusting Yourself. If something doesn’t feel right, trust your intuition. This takes courage but. the more you trust it, the more you intuition AND courage expands. Getting to know yourself is so enriching.

7. Devotion. This is a great time to go inwards and connect to your spiritual practice more deeply or discover a new approach.

8. Nature. Yes, you may be inside due to quarantine. But this is temporary and nature is still there. Open a window, feel the sun, and the breeze, and, yes, get out in your yard, touch a tree, walk your dog if you can. Say hello to the fairies and offer gratitude to mother earth. This grounds your energy and helps you feel alive.

9. Relationships. We are social creatures at heart. We need to he heard and be seen and this is still possible if you get creative. I have yet to meet anyone who was meant to be a hermit in this life. So Love your people. Love yourself. Just Love.

10. Patience. This is a great quality. However, patience is different than apathy. It is not giving up. It is not feeling helpless. It means biding your time in a period of transition with HOPE. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, to seek deeper truths, and to call in support from your people and your angels.

11. Remembering Who You Are. You are a soul. You are powerful. You are creative. You are in progress.You have vision. Regularly, call your power back from people who tell you how you should feel, be, think, or behave. Some of it may be appropriate but some of it might be completely off the deep end. That’s where the discernment kicks in. Regularly connect with your soul group or people who remind you that you have purpose but also that you are loved exactly as you are.

Love and Tranquility,