Are You A Master of Second Guessing? Invite in Haniel and the Ruby Ray for a Courage Infusion.

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Autumn Blessings to you! This week you are invited to welcome in balance in the short and long term  and receive the luminous golden light of the Autumn Equinox on Sept 22. As the days become shorter the sunlight becomes softer and more precious. It is a wonderful time to savour abundance in all of the ways it appears in your daily life. We also slip into the zodiac sign of fair minded Libra. Libra–or the scales– is a wonderful energy for relationships and for checking in with what is out of alignment in our inner landscape. As our outer reality is a reflection of our inner world. But Libra energies can also cause us to re-evaluate and check the balance of each decision and look at the alternative choice more closely.

And while this can be positive if used in the present now moment, it can also cause us to hesitate, second guess, and spent time over contemplating past actions aka.procrastinating. Have you ever found yourself about to make a key decision and then questioning yourself and falling into doubt? Or taking an action step and then second guessing immediately after taking it? If so, you may be suck in comparing or weighing your choices and need a courage infusion. True to form help is always available from angels and their radiant rays of light.

Archangel Michael, the angel of courage and protection, is brilliant to call on to light up your courage and infuse you with divine masculine blue ray. But Archangel Haniel is bringing forward the ruby ray at this pivotal time to infuse you with feminine power and courage to take the steps to connect to your intuition and take action, not just any action, but the most divinely aligned action.

If you have worked with Haniel, the moon goddess of intuition, you may be aware of her beautiful white/blue pulsing opalescent light which clears third eye and your divine feminine intuition or clair knowing. And this ray is still available to clear and uplift your intuition. However, she is very much showing up at present to “wake up” our divine feminine courage. Both females and males contain a divine inner feminine aspect (containing many minor feminine aspects or sub personalities). The inner feminine within you is important because it allows you to receive your intuitive power on all levels and when you receive you own knowing, you can truly make a decision from your highest intuition. Furthermore, she also reminds you in any phase of manifestation there is the time of receiving the results or abundance of what you have already created. This period of receiving, or going inwards is essential, otherwise you may block the fruits of your efforts. Sometimes when we get stuck in doubt and second guessing we block what is already coming to us after the fact and Haniel is a master at helping you remove these lingering energies of self-sabotage.

Call on Archangel Haniel to first open and clear your inner knowing with her radiant opal light and then to infuse your crown and all of your chakras with the courage of her pink-red ruby light.

“Haniel, please clear my inner knowing or crown chakra and all of my chakras so that I may receive my own highest wisdom and take action that is aligned with my highest purpose. Allow me to give myself the space to receive the benefits and abundance of what I have created. Please dissolve any outstanding self-sabotage pattern I may be carrying and replace them with the willingness to trust that I am worthy of the highest and most joyful outcome.Thank-you God, Thank-you Source, Thank-You Universe.”

We have many options to support your courage this fall at tranquility. Mindfulness Meditation is a wonderful practice to help you clear doubt and uncertainly associated with over processing as well as the intuitive developing Angel Circle. If you find that repeated blocks come up preventing you from taking action steps in alignment with your intuition, you may be carrying old templates or programming from childhood or a past life. A past life regression session is one way to go deeper and clear stubborn past life patterns and to clear your slate bringing you into balance.

Enjoy balance and abundance this fall!

Love and Namaste,