Are You A Heart Centred Empath? Ask Angel Mary to Light Up Your Compassion Center and Become Radiant Love

“That is what compassion does. It challenges our assumptions, our sense of self-limitation, worthlessness, of not having a place in the world. As we develop compassion, our hearts open.” Sharon Salzberg

“Compassion is a compass to live by.” Anonymous

Heart Clutter. With so much happening on our blue-green planet, including world events and the ups and downs of your own personal world, you may be feeling it and, more than that, you may be taking it on for others. After last week’s big astrological event, a blue moon/eclipse, so much came up to clear and a lot of it erupted into sudden change in people’s lives. And some change feels uncomfortable as people are left to process, feeling out of sorts and in a state of instability, especially if they aren’t awake to their higher purpose.

If you are feeling tired or stuck, you may be taking on the energy of others around you in an effort to ground and harmonize from a place of empathy. As an advanced or sensitive soul, as you progress along your path, you become more aware and simultaneously more sensitive to your environment and the people around you. So it is a great time to check in, especially on the cusp of a new month and the close of a January filled with big energies, with where you are at energetically.

Your empathic centers, your heart, solar plexus, and sacral chakras are where we most process and absorb ‘other’ energies. These are our clair-sentient chakras–the areas where we do the most feeling and the chakras that we use to feel into or taste the flavor of the environment around us. This can be energy from people we encounter on a regular basis at work or at home or from people in our energetic soul group. It is wonderful to be connected and to feel deeply from the ocean of emotion, love, kindness, joy, peace, and bliss. It is a gift to have the ability to feel what others feel and to commune soul to soul with those we love. And these chakras are expanding as we become more connected over time, as we move towards unity. We are all empathic as we move forward on our ascension path, our path of individual and collective spiritual growth. No one is left behind in this. But some of us are especially open and this means we feel other people’s symptoms, emotional turmoil or mental distress and, at times, become overwhelmed or, even worse, numb in the process.

If you are a heart centered empath, you truly light up the world and draw people to you. You live from the heart and by the heart. You are a source of love and the world needs more love. Yay you! People often call you a love goddess (or god). And they love to be around you because your energy is expansive. But sometimes, you can feel less than wonderful in daily life. When we feel empathy we can match the vibration of suffering around us and if that lower vibrational energy is stronger, we can entrain to that energy. So we literally feel the sorrow of our friend’s loss or the shock of an unfortunate event and then keep feeling it and then sometimes can’t stop feeling it. And then you adopt it as your own and it becomes a sink hole you fall into. And at times, this can make you want to stay at home with the blinds closed. So first, knowing that your sensitivity is a gift and that you are a heart empath is really helpful.

Are You A Heart-Centered Empath? 

Is your heart like an emotional barometer? Does your heart reach out like it has feelers when you enter a new setting or situation? Does it sink or drop when you enter a room where there has been conflict?

Does it feel like your heart leads you places and at times like your heart ‘knows’?

When you are happy or in a state of love does your heart light up and feel warm? And when you are grounded, can you lift the emotions of those around you?

And when you are sad does your heart literally ache?

Do you feel pain in your heart when you are around a friend who is suffering a loss? And do you feel this pain after you have left?

Do you experience heart palpitations around certain people or situations that are distressing? Or even before a tragic event?

Does your heart feel heavy and blocked after being in a low vibe group setting such as a club or bar?

Can you feel discomfort at the back of your heart at times and you are not sure why?

Have you found yourself getting stuck in a situation or event where you get overwhelmed with sorrow or grief and you can’t detach?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, you are a heart-centered empath. And even if you didn’t, you may still be carrying lower vibrational energies from your environment or the past that are bogging you down. You could be a shut down empath. Someone who is too full of negative stuff and has stopped feeling (kind of like going on strike). Furthermore, as we are all unique, you may be holding onto energy in any of your chakras. If you notice a more sensitive solar plexus or sacral chakra you can be holding onto other energy in these chakras as well. It’s always a good time to call in Raphael to help.

Call on Archangel Raphael to Clear Your Empathic Centers

Archangel Raphael, the healing angel,  is truly a heart healing doctor. Call on him as follows:

“Archangel Raphael please clear my heart, solar plexus, and sacral chakra from all lower vibrational energy. Please transmute emotions, thoughts, and energy I have taken on from others. Please dissolve any cords or hooks to people or situations with ease. And fill me up with your powerful green healing flame. Clear each layer of my auric field, until I am filled with emerald green light directly from source. Thank-you! ”

Sit quietly as you feel his incredible warm green light clearing all dense energy or blockages you have been holding. And you feel revitalized and filled with harmony. You will feel full and cocooned in light.

One of the big shifts we are going through at present is collectively lighting up our high heart or compassion center. This chakra located between our heart and throat chakra, anchors us into the fifth-dimensional living. For when we are in compassion, we are in a state of radiating a balance of comfort and passion or com-passion. This is the energy of unconditional love. Compassion is a powerful vibration because it at once holds the intention for the best and highest outcome for the person we are connecting to but it also detaches from the need to control that outcome. When we are in this place, we flow in a state of power with and feel a sense of inner peace and balance. At the same time, we hold that intention for all others. And that intention is powerful.  The beauty of this chakra is that it radiates unconditional love to you in the process. So it is truly self love chakra. And whether an emotion is born out of your situation or something you have taken on, doesn’t matter for your high heart radiates love inwards and outwards simultaneously and so has the ability to transmute all lower vibrations. And you become a beacon of radiant love.

So when you find yourself stuck in an emotion or dreading a situation, ask Angel Mary to Light up and Clear Your High Heart. Or ask her just because this chakra is a game changer.

Ask Angel Mary to Light up Your High Heart. 

Angel Mary is truly the angel of compassion. Call on her to light up your Fifth Dimensional High Heart as follows:

“Angel Mary please light up my High Heart Chakra with Your Turquoise Pink Flame of Compassion. Please clear any blocks and fill my high heart with radiant love. Help me to radiate love inwards and outwards, clearing all lower energy in its path. Fill me up with self-love and help me to hold this flame for all others. Thank-you.”

Sit quietly as you feel the perfect mix of turquoise-pink light up the space between your lower heart and throat. Feel this flame clear your lower heart, back of the heart and light you up from the inside out. Feel radiant as you become radiant love and light.

When you find yourself in an emotionally stressful situation or in overwhelm, try tuning into your high heart and the beautiful flame glowing there. As you do, you shift into compassion. And as you hold this powerful light, the high hearts of the people around you also light up with this powerful flame. And you hold the vibration of a master. Compassion is a compass to live by.

Love and Compassion!