Activate Your Clairvoyance and Revel in Beauty with Jophiel

Happy Post-Summer Solstice! We are connecting to higher vibrations of light and many people felt an upswing in their energy levels and vibrations and then felt a subsequent downswing as they processed and
integrated that light. We call this an energy ‘hang over’ in the spiritual world. And many people found they were tired and a bit grumpy as their physical bodies incorporated the energetic shifts. And more than ever, the soulstice integration period presents itself as a time of preparation. A time to check in, clear blocks that present themselves so we can transform into our highest selves and be in the highest vibration in each particular moment.

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We seem to be in truly polarized times with world events and it is a theme wherever you go. Light and darkness present themselves as two opposites. You may think it is time to withdraw from it. And while it is important to have You time, to meditate, to reflect and discover your inner knowing,  it is also important to stand in your own knowingness and to shine your light for others. Each one of us has a role to play in ascension. And if you are reading this, you are being called to be a lighthouse, a source of light, and in doing so, to add to the planet’s light and magnify it.

We are microcosms or mini-universes. And so, polarity, or light and dark,  is coming up within each of us so that we can heal and grow. We often refer to our higher self and shadow self. The shadow self contains the parts of us (often referred to as sub-personalities) we have suppressed and rejected. The good news is these parts are coming up for you to heal. The bad news is that if you resist addressing these aspects, it can get rocky. If you focus on the polarity, you sustain that vibration. But the angels teach with love and, as always, they have it right. If you focus on love, in loving all your parts, including your shadowy parts hiding out in your basement, you embrace the energy of healing and unity. As you witness yourself and your own healing as a part of the larger whole, you step out of self-judgement and can move forward from a place of compassion.

As we move forward on our paths, as we listen to our guidance, we begin to realize that we are co-creators of our experience.  We magnify what we focus on. But it is not just about what we focus on, but how we focus. Our spiritual senses and pyschic channels are opening more and our psychic abilities are accelerating. Most people I meet and work with have an interest in becoming more clairvoyant. In recent times, there have been huge changes to all of our chakras as we grow individually and collectively.

Angels are everywhere working with us and for us. However, we do need to ask for their aid. Our conscious intent brings them into action and gives us focus as well. As the light on our planet continues to expand and grow, so do we. But growth can bring growing pains. As you tune into angels, you feel their love for you and this can open doors to your gifts, to new energy and illuminated purpose.  Love is the pivotal ingredient not just to self-healing, but to opening the door to your soul’s journey and your psychic gifts, including your clairvoyance.

Archangel Jophiel, the angel of beauty and love has been coming forward in my sessions and classes to activate and develop our clairvoyance recently. Her message affirms that it is not just what you focus on but how you focus. Seeing clairvoyantly begins with our intention. She asks you not just to look at a situation but to see into a situation with fresh eyes. To see into the energy. If you approach a situation from a place of love and you look at it with love, you shift from fear, and into a state of harmony. This is the energy that allows you to see truth free from fear. And this state allows your clairvoyance to open and blossom. Clairvoyance is less about forcing or following certain rules, and more about being in a state of receptivity. Jophiel invites the beauty into your lives and into your sight by seeing the beauty in the visual tapestry that surrounds us. And then looking into that visual tapestry and having the intention to see more deeply.

As a clairvoyant, seeing auras and angels is one of the most exquisite and beautiful experiences of my life. Each time I see an angel I feel profound gratitude, whether it is as an orb of light or a pair of wings out of the corner of my eye or an angel in my inner sight or standing in the room. Be open to how your clairvoyance presents itself to you. We each have a gateway clair…or psychic center we mainly use first–like a door or gate– as we receive and process the energy before we ‘see’ energy. For some of us, we ‘know’ what we see and then we see the image. This knowingness comes from having a dominant crown chakra or claircognizance. Some of us feel what we see, and may even develop feelings for colors ie. gold feels hot, blue feels heavy, pink feels like and bubbly. This feeling is a kind of empathy and flows from our clairsentience in our hearts or solar plexuses most typically. And some of us use our ears centers, or clairaudience and may hear the name of a color, such as, ‘red’ or ‘green’ or even hear energy moving, like the sound of angel wings before we shift into seeing the energy. And some people have clairvoyance as their main clair and so they see energy or images right away.

Our main clairs can change and shift over time with us as we develop on our paths. People with clairvoyance as their main gateway clair tend to work from a place of trust and have worked through any residual fear about what they might see. Each of us is unique and there is no one size fits formula. Any of the above combinations can work beautifully. So be willing to work with your innately developed clairs from a place of non judgement. Developing your psychic sight further begins with the willingness to trust what you see. And to trust what you see, you need to be in a state of receptivity. Receptivity is a state that evolves from love and gratitude. If you are angry or tense, you are not receptive, your vision narrows and your extra senses shut down. And so, Jophiel reminds you that love is the key that opens the door to your clairvoyance. From this state of love, a whole universe of love, light, and light beings waits to reveal itself to you.


Activate your Clairvoyance with Archangel Jophiel

Sit quietly, preferably with a lit candle.

  1. Call in the protection of Michael Archangel, your guardian angels, and your highest guides.1415918_s
  2. Ask for Jophiel as follows, “I call upon Archangel Jophiel to activate my clairvoyant centers so that I may see the beauty that is all around me. I affirm that I am open to seeing truth and to seeing the beauty in truth. I know that it is safe to see in all ways, to see auras, angels, and everything that flows from the divine light of God. I trust what I see and I know what I see. My clairvoyance opens effortlessly and powerfully to its fullest capacity and this gift of sight fills me with joy and gratitude.”
  3. Spend a few moments sitting with a soft gaze, inviting your physical eyes to “breathe.” Notice how this feels. Notice any physical or visual sensations.
  4. Now become aware of your third eye, above and between your brows. Keeping your eyes soft, visualize inhaling in through your third eye (the point above and between your brow) and out through your mouth.
  5. Then reverse this flow, inhaling through your nose and visualizing exhaling through your third eye. As you do, picture the energy of your third eye growing, expanding, and projecting from your third eye. You may ‘see’ or sense a color. You may know a color is there. Do not second guess this, just trust your intuition.
  6. AA Jophiel stands behind you and you may feel her hands on your crown chakra. She activates your crown and as she does, she connects your crown chakra to your third eye chakra, opening your crown chakra above the top of your head open wide. She infuses your crown and third eye with love. What color do you see, or feel, or know?
  7. She asks you to visualize a beautiful flower. This is her gift to you as your third eye opens and its vibration lifts and alights. This flower sits above your crown or third eye or heart. What color is this flower? What kind of flower is it? Notice all the details. Whatever clair the flower sits closest to or in is your dominant clair or the center that is the gateway for your clairvoyance (if you are curious to know). Notice the petals on the flower and invite them to open and expand.
  8. Jophiel now clears the energetic pathways from this clair to your third eye. As she does this, simply breathe and notice any visual sensations as the energy of the flower is absorbed into your third eye.
  9. Stare into the flame and watch shapes and images in the flame of the candle, simply noticing what you see.
  10. Shift your eyes to one corner and notice any images or colors you see in your peripheral vision. Keeping your gaze soft, set the intention to see into the energy all around you. You may notices patterns, new layers, textures or colors. And this may come later. Simply be open. Over the next few days, practice shifting from an intent or hard gaze to a soft gaze and notice how you begin to see energy differently.
  11. Express gratitude to Jophiel for activating your clairvoyance and pause to feel her love and gratitude to you.


Enjoy the beauty of seeing with Archangel Jophiel!

Love and Namaste,