A Shout Out For Dragons

By April 15, 2020No Comments

Ok. if you are reading this may you know how much I love angels, as an angel intuitive. I adore them. I could talk about them all day and night. And angels are here more than ever to help.

But so are dragons.

Dragons are powerful 5th dimensional and higher elemental magical creatures who work with angels and will work with you to ground, to heal, and harmonize your energies in a myriad of ways. There are many different kinds of dragons but fire, air, water, and earth dragons are some of the main kinds you may encounter right now.

My fave are the Golden Christed Dragons. They are master healers. They radiate heat and are lit up with golden Christed light and truly harness and deliver golden light. They carry the vibration of unity consciousness with Archangel Christiel. Many Archangels have a specific dragon they work with. For example, Archangel Gabriel has a beautiful white dragon of purification from Arcturus who works with him and the white and diamond rays of purification. To call on Gabriel’s Dragon is to receive powerful purification on all level.

Dragons do much of the heavy work and we need them so much right now to clear fear and toxicity as we go through transformation on a global scale. They are truly masters of dark energy transformation and truly have your back. Each human has a personal dragon. Although, dragons are highly respectful and need to be called upon. To be connected with your personal dragon is to feel a new level of safe and grounded.

Some people here on earth are dragon masters and carry wisdom about dragons and how to work with them. They are being activated right now. This could be you. If you are drawn to dragons and want to learn more, this could be a calling. Dragons also work powerfully with many of are new earth children.

One of the ways you can connect to your personal dragon is simply to ask. “I call upon my personal dragon with infinite love and respect. Come and be with me. What is your name? And what is your purpose? Thank-you and So It Is.” And simply be open to the responses and receiving information from your dragon.

If you would like to learn more about dragons feel free to book an Angel Intuitive session and tell me you would like it to be an Angel and Dragon session to meet your dragon(s).

Love and Grounding,