A Collison Course in Love: The Twin Flame Catalystic Experience

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Have you recently had an experience that could be twin flame or could be twin flame like but you have been left uncertain is to what the heck it was?

As we continue to grow and expand on our ascension paths, many souls are experiencing a cataclysmic encounter that spirit is calling a twin flame cataclystic experience.

If you are scratching your head, stay with me.

A twin flame cataclystic experience activates your heart and then triggers you to your core to promote your growth, your expansion, and your soul ascension. It is just that, a catalyst or a potential source of quick growth and expansion. Like the divine spark of creation, it can feel like a surge of bliss as you connect to your soul, the other you, that ignites love, passion and destiny. Or it can feel like collision of souls where you soar to bliss and plummet back to earth. Bruised and bedraggled you may be shoved FAR out of your comfort zone to make changes to help you process, heal, and become who you are at a soul level.

However, if you approach the above experience with a level of self awareness and self love, it doesn’t have to be destructive, painful or overwhelming. If you have an understanding about the nature of this connection and its expression in relationship as a possibility but not a foregone conclusion, you may be able to release the discomfort to embrace the light, the love, and the sovereignty of your soul.

The word twin flame is bandied around so much right now that people are quick to assign this label to a romantic relationship, but a gentle reminder is that twin flame is a connection that does not always mean an enduring love relationship in our changing 3D-4D-5D landscape. That relationship is most often occupied by a soul mate.

Many souls here on the earth are advanced souls from other dimensions and star systems who have agreed to pass through the veil of amnesia to be here on the earth for these times of accelerated growth and planetary ascension and many do not have a twin flame counterpart. But they may want to experience this love-bliss resonance and the twin flame catalystic experience is one way to embody it and to release it and benefit from its superlative growth.

The twin flame experience is a source of soul expansion. And now I am seeing many stepping into a twin flame experience to both feel and learn what it is to be in this connection and to emerge transformed.  But this experience does not mean the person that you have connected with is your singular twin flame or that it ends in marriage or commitment in this life time.

But it does mean that you get to experience the love, the bliss, the intensity, and the potential to transcend into a higher state of consciousness….ah growth, sometimes it feels amazing and sometimes it feels cataclysmic.

There are original twin flames here on the earth plane and they are way showers on the path of unconditional love. They hold highest vibrational light and come together to reunite and be of service. However, as way showers they are truly inclusive and the whole point of growth is to allow others to embody that love and the energy. One of the ways this occurs is that the collective also begins to experience these bandwidths of light and a way to do that is to step into a twin flame cataclystic experience.

What is the difference between a twin flame and twin flame catalyst?   

The difference between the two, twin flame or twin flame catalyst can be subtle at first. The difference is that one tends to continue over time and to be mutually received, sometimes with ups and downs and time outs.  And the other one ends rather quickly and definitely. It may have a sense of being complete when one person withdraws while the other person may be befuddled as to why it ended. While it can be painful, it is also a tremendous source of learning, growth, and healing. In our haste to label our experience we sometimes give it the label twin flame to try to hang on to the past and this attachment can lead to overwhelm and obsession.

Why put yourself through this?

It is a fast track of growth and it allows you to experience a bandwidth of  unconditional love for time, that you will then discover within yourself. It triggers you to address old wounds, hurts, and imbalances. The end result is new perspective, balance, and expansive love, that you take with you moving forward. The catalystic experience is often between you and a karmic partner and so it has the benefit of helping you release toxic patterning and karmic bonds or soul bonds that may be preventing you from finding love within and without.  But it is not necessarily toxic or unpleasant. Indeed, the twin flame catalystic experience can be preparing you for your twin flame union connection.

But when you are able to release this connection with our a sense of bitterness and rejection, it feels like completion and freedom that is an incredible wave of peace, of love, and unity.

If you proceed through the twin flame cataclystic experience with awareness, it can be beautiful and mutually loving. If you proceed through the experience without a need to control or to label or press it into a conventional relationship, you can benefit from the mutual synergy and soul communion that is spectacular. And this is a pattern I am seeing happening for evolved souls which is uplifting and inspiring.

Twin flames are here to help us evolve, expand, and transform the nature of relationship and so twin flame soul connections can express differently. As we evolve, so does our definition of relationship and so the twin flame connection my not always be romantic and, as such, may occur between friends or colleagues and may not even be romantic. But all are a source of creativity and joy and incredible growth that is healing to all of those in your vicinity. Twin flame connections push you to step into onto your mission or divine life purpose more deeply and to deepen your connection to God/Source.


While I do stress that ALL TWIN FLAME unions are unique and on their own timelines, We have been going through a period where your inner work is essential. Focusing on your self healing, your expansion, and self care is a pivotal part of this journey. Finding inner harmony, balance and union is the way to outer union more than ever.

As we ascend, we continue to re-define the nature of love and the expression of love in relationship.

How does your approach change with either experience?

The interesting thing to note, is the approach to take with either a Twin Flame or Twin Flame Catalystic Experience is the SAME. So it truly doesn’t matter if your connection is an original twin flame connection or a twin flame experience.

A Few Guidelines for Your Twin Flame OR Twin Catalystic Experience:

  1. PAUSE. If you have had a soul awakening experience and you have heard the term twin flame, don’t be quick to label. Simply ALLOW yourself to be in the experience.
  2. DO NOT COMPROMISE YOURSELF. Treat yourself with self-respect throughout the experience. Never allow yourself to participate in unhealthy patterning or compromise yourself because you believe this may be your twin flame. Be honest with yourself. If your behaviour has taken a deep dive, if you wait by your phone, if every conversation has to be about your twin flame, if you have moved into obsession, do not berate yourself, give yourself a hug and know it is time to have an honest talk with yourself and call in twin flame support.
  3. INVITE IN GROWTH. Sometimes growth feels amazing and sometimes growth just feels. Know that YOUR path of growth is always in alignment with your twin flame path. If you have a twin flame, chosing your our self-healing and growth is always in alignment with your twin flame path.
  4. NOTICE THE SIGNS. Know that the twin flame journey, the heart activation, the synchronicity, the incredible energy, and the awakening of your spiritual psychic senses is REAL
  5. KNOW THE SIGNS SUPPORT YOU BUT NOT ALWAYS IN THE WAY YOU THINK. Know that all of the signs, synchronicities affirming a twin flame connection are ALSO present for a twin flame catalystic experience. This is because this is an inner journey and YOU are the only one who can define the nature of this connection. This end result is that this journey helps you establish trust. But 1111 does not always have the same meaning and the universe is talking to you personally.
  6. BOUNDARIES ARE A TOOL THAT SERVE YOU BOTH. Know that your twin flame LOVES and adores you on a soul level and so his or her higher self always supports you, so setting relationship boundaries and internal boundaries that honour your self care are always positive.
  7. LET GO OF WHEN. Know that any journey worth being on, can’t be rushed.
  8. DON’T GET STUCK IN THE PAST. Know that extended one sided ‘waiting’ can be a sign that it has come to completion. If you aren’t sure, check in to see if the waiting ‘feels’ in alignment. Often, you will be approached by another potential partner in this time. This person could actually be a ‘helpful person’ who may be helping you work through blocks preventing you from moving into union with your twin flame OR moving into inner union to help you release the catalystic experience. We are truly presented with choices at many points. If the prospect of not being with your twin feels devastating, you need to do some releasing of attachment to the past.
  9. REGULARLY RELEASE. Releasing lets go of what isn’t working and invites IN the LOVE. If you are stuck, consider a soul binding releasement where you release any lingering carry over of attachment from previous lifetimes. A soul binding releasement can not harm your twin flame connection but it can help release unhealthy cording from previous incarnations and it can assist you moving forward into meaningful relationship. If things are not progressing or your twin flame clearly opts out, consider treating it like a catalystic experience.
  10. BE COMPASSIONATE WITH YOURSELF. This can be a complex and overhelming journey at times.  Don’t punish yourself or self sabotage if you are experience challenges. Do clear shame or futility. Do call on support from a twin flame aware therapist, counsellor, or guide but please never give your power away.
  11. LOVE. Whether you are progressing in union or completing a twin flame catalystic experience. These both ask you to check in with love, check in with your definition of love and how these experiences clear out all resistance to love. Know that this is a spiritual journey, into self love and unconditional love. There isn’t a set manual or a road map for this destination. And if you are here, you are making incredible progress and are surrounded in light beings of love and support. When you arrive in higher octaves of love you will feel the love all around you but most importantly, within you. It will be a river of light that is never a dissapointment.

Love and Unity,