Call on Ariel, the Divine Lioness, for Your New Earth Chakra

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With our energy presently Leo the Lion, it is the perfect time to call on Archangel Ariel, the divine lioness.

It has been an incredible August in terms of astrological events, culminating in a rare full solar eclipse on August 21. The eclipse brought us the opportunity to sink deep into our souls and to at once discover and release the hidden depths of our shadow selves. And whether you were consciously aware or not, you would have felt those moments of darkness where the sun was hidden as a deepening into stillness, like the descent into a vale. And as the solar light returned, our internal biological clocks were effectively reset, and we were once again in the path of light. You could have felt this as quite intense, overwhelming, but also liberating. And you may still be feeling the after effects. You may even be feeling like an elastic band, as your energy body is stretched to bring in higher bandwidths of light and then contracts to integrate, process, and to once again, release all of the “stuff” that comes to the surface to clear. This transformation may be reflected in your outer world as you vibrate at a higher frequency. You, then, find the need to release patterns in the physical world and feel guided to make changes. These changes might surprise or shock you.  Growth can be uncomfortable and can sometimes require courage.

Ariel, the mother earth angel, has shown up both to give us the strength to clear those last dregs of our wounding, allowing us to offer up, any old soul scars or emotional baggage that needs to be released. This creates room for us to invite in and hold higher degrees of light in our new light bodies. So, at times, we stretch to receive light into our energy bodies and pull that energy into our physical world. But relief is here. Ariel showed me that since the eclipse the most beautiful frequencies of abundance have been pouring into the earth. And she very much wants to help you access and integrate these softer beautiful energies. She also wants you to love the earth.

In the world of angels, we traditionally call on the strong masculine angels, such Michael Archangel for protection. But as we evolve, our awareness of the dance of the divine feminine and masculine also evolves and we are reminded that empowered feminine IS strong. Some of the most powerful protectors in nature are mothers. Ariel steps forward now to remind you the feminine is powerful. And whether you are male or female the feminine in you was meant to be receptive and empowered. She holds the strength of the lioness and has a deep love and devotion to nature and mother earth and all of its inhabitants. When she is present you may see or be drawn to images of lionesses. She encourages you to call on her when you are in need of reassurance or protection.

She reminded me recently of the first time I became aware of her. It was also my first memorable angel encounter.

At age 12, I was playing after school with a new group of girls. We had recently had an influx of children from a ‘rougher’ school district. A new girl who I found rather intimidating as she had a reputation for fighting, had invited me to spend time with her group of friends. I went along rather innocently. As we were turning cartwheels, I noticed an older girl staring at me. I later learned she was a notorious bully. Just then I heard a voice, it was gentle and sweet.

“Kasey it is time to go now.” Even though the voice was telling me to take action, I felt a wave of profound love and calm. And I felt a warm familiar energy over the crown of my head and a gentle arm tugging me.

I was so calm, I was curious to feel such a strong presence. So I silently asked, “Who is this?”

“I am Ariel,” came her voice. “I am an angel, always with you. And right now, it is time to leave.”

Again I felt no fear but felt immersed in protective love. However, I knew it was highly unusual to hear a disembodied voice telling me to take action.

So this time I responded when Ariel whispered, “Run now Kasey. You are such a fast runner. Run as fast as you can.”

And I began to run.  As I glanced back, I saw I was pursued by about eight girls. But as I ran, she continued to encourage me. And I found myself running faster and faster. And I did make it home safely. And interestingly the girls seemed to forget the incident and never bothered me again.

What I took from that experience was that I had a loving presence looking out for me. And this was my introduction to Archangel Ariel and the unseen world of angels.

Archangel Ariel often appears as a pale gold, mixed with soft shimmering pink. Her presence is like a gentle breeze. Interestingly, she is an angel who is heard frequently. And her voice is soft and airy, almost in a whisper. She has a much needed soothing and calming presence. But make no mistake, she is golden courage personified. If you see her, she often appears as a sparkly light colored or (often many little sparkles) in your peripheral vision. Ariel is a strong protector of the divine feminine and Gaia. She has a deep love for the earth and all of its inhabitants. She is said to govern the elemental kingdom, including fairies and nature spirits. She especially works with people who love nature, who protect the sacredness of the earth and feel called to protect and nurture the earth. She is also a guardian of Crystal Childen, new earth children who connect powerfully to the telepathic and healing energy of crystals. She often encourages you to get into nature, to go for a walk, or just connect. As this is the place we connect to the divine essence of our higher selves, and tune into the energy of God, it is time well spent. This literally encourages your crown center to open wide and literally connect to the unmanifest. Think about where you made your best decisions? And you may recall it was outside, in a park, or on a trail, beneath an open sky. Nature is also profoundly grounding, it allows our root chakra to connect to our earth star or our chakra deep in the heart of Gaia, to receive her healing energy. As the earth ascends as an energy, we also ascend and our root chakra is now transitioning as well.

Divine inspiration from above flows with ease when our root is open and clear. You better hold inspiration and light when you are connected to the earth grid. Ariel is a master of manifestation. As such, she is a powerful base chakra healer. All of the energy transformation and change in our lives can bring about shock and this shows up commonly in our root or base chakra. Clairvoyantly, it looks like cracks in your tailbone, legs, or feet. And while you may never see these with your naked eye, you will start to feel their impact. These can grow over time and allow for vital energy to leak from your system. It also makes it harder for you to receive and hold abundance and can impact your health. She reminds you that there is so much available to you, but looking after your root is an integral part of this. Our 3D root chakra is no longer serving us as we evolve and grow spiritually. She offers you a Base Chakra Upgrade where she fully connects it to you active Earth Star Chakra, the chakra connected to Mother Earth, causing it to shift and align into an Earth Chakra, holding the ascended frequencies of Gaia. On a personal level, this strengthens your root and allows you to better receive, and hold divine inspiration, so you can manifest it in your waking world. It also helps shift collective consciousness.

Call on Ariel for an Earth Chakra Upgrade

  1. Find a comfortable seat, preferably outdoors, where you will be undisturbed.
  2. Call on your angel and guide team to surround you.
  3. Ask Ariel to place her pulsing clear crystal prism around you to protect you and your energy field. You feel safe and very calm. 
  4. Ask Ariel to upgrade your base chakra (at the bottom of your tailbone to your feet). She begins by transmuting any lower energy, and filling your root chakra, legs and feet full of pulsing golden rainbow light. You may feel warmth, buzzing or tingling, or have the sense of feeling lighter and more grounded at the same time. She now seals any energetic cracks in your foundation. You may feel her loving breeze as she works around you.
  5. She, then, connects your root fully to your earth star chakra and activates your earth star chakra, located several meters below your feet in the earth. You may see or sense its mineral silver essence. Sandalphon, who also protects your Earth Star, assists. As does Lady Gaia, the ascended master of the earth. And you may hear it vibrate and emit soft music or simply feel its vibration. Your earth star holds key codes, grid lines from Gaia in previous golden eras. It pulses and grows in response to her activation. She, next, brings up a whoosh of silver green light from Gaia. You feel your energetic feet growing and connecting to the heart beat of Gaia. You may feel new energies flowing up to you. Your root chakra absorbs this silvery green essence until it shifts from traditional red to silver green and blue. It may look like a mini version of our beautiful planet. This feels both energizing and grounding.
  6. Your root is now your Earth Chakra or your New Earth Chakra. It holds the healing essence of Gaia as an evolved energy.
  7. Ask Ariel for her loving message to you. Her words will be uplifting and soothing. She places her divine sparkly essence in your heart and as she does you may see and feel translucent shimmering sparkles in your vision. You feel your heart expand bigger and you feel held and cherished. 
  8. Express Your Gratitude to Ariel, Sandalphon, and your angel team. And know you are holding the energy of our ascended earth right at your feet. Anything is possible!