Are you ready to transform blocks to love and to light up your path of highest love? 

Your akashic records holds the key to love in this life time. Your akashic records healing temple is truly a source of heart healing.

In this group akashic records healing session, Kasey will take us into a healing journey to empower your journey into union.  We will access blocks you have encountered, including, past love trauma, twin flame separation templating and denial programming  and call in love fullfillment to help you feel safe taking positive steps on your path of love. She will take you through an akashic records healing and realignment to your quantum light body by accessing the highest level of your soul records. 

You will be asked to set an intention to clear what is holding you back and we will connect with your Akashic Angels, Masters, and Higher Soul Self to clear and realign your to reflect your highest purpose and to connect you to your mission of standing in your power as a professional light worker.

In this group session, Kasey will tune into the group to the group dynamics clear blocks as they present as we enter your Healing Temple of the Akashics and Activate Your Book of Love

We may focus on transforming:

–Vows of Self Betrayal, Self Sacrifice, or Hiding Love

-Twin Flame Separation Templating

–Running/Chasing Trauma Patterning

–Limiting Beliefs, including binds, curses, and unworthiness patterning

–Heart Wounds Preventing You from Living from the Heart

–Fear of Loss and Abandonment

We will call in the Angels of Love to activate your Mission of Love for a truly heart opening experience. 

This session will be limited in size to 11 participants to allow for a session like experience. 

Thursday April 18

1pm -2:3o pm EST

$65 + applicable taxes



Topic: Heart Healing in the Akashics Group Session
Hosted By: Kasey Gorgenyi
Start: Thursday, Apr 18, 2024 01:00 PM
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Current Timezone: America/New_York

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