Light a Fire Under Your Path As a Light Worker

You are here to be so share, to shine, and to expand on your path as a Light Worker? Are you being calling to expand on your path as a Light Worker but craving some support and inspiration?


with Kasey Goldstraw Gorgenyi and Andrea Moyah Trucilla

In this sacred circle, we will activate our divine connection to are inner goddess fire, to transmute limitation, to feel empowered shining our light, and to feel the empowerment taking big and small steps on your path.

Connect in this powerful network of support, encouragement and expansivity.

We will:

activate your Light Worker Mission and Your Light Worker Vision

connect you with your fire goddess to empower you to feel confident and supported moving forward on your path as professional light worker

clear scarcity mentality, fear of being seen and fear of taking perceived risks that are actually steps that empower your mission

transform blocks preventing you from attracting your soul group, clients, students, and more

tune into the group and invite you to share your wisdom

Wednesday June 19

12:30 EST

$88 + Applicable Taxes




ANDREA MOYAH, a New Earth Mystic, Psychic Medium, and Indigenous Soul Seer. She has an uncanny ability to see your soul’s greatest gifts and support you in bringing your life into alignment. YOU hold so much wisdom from ALL your incarnations and IT is TIME to embody this wisdom.
As an intuitive energy healer, psychic medium, yoga therapist, and spiritual teacher she has spent the last 8 years helping souls connect to their authentic selves, awaken their spiritual gifts, and get clear on their soul’s purpose.

She specializes in working with awakened, New Earth souls -Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, Diamond and Golden children and adults.





Topic: Goddess Fire Circle
Hosted By: Kasey Gorgenyi
Start: Wednesday, Jun 19, 2024 12:30 PM
Duration: 2 hours 0 minutes
Current Timezone: America/New_York

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