Twin Flame Akashics Record Reading

Did you know that there is a section of your Akashics Hall dedicated to your twin flame connection?

This session is a fascinating way to learn more about your twin flame connection and the journey of your soul. Helpful if you need direction and on your journey.

We will activate your twin flame akashics hall and akashics angels and guides to bring healing and alignment to your twin flame union.

  • We will explore your twin flame soul group of origin and pivotal lifetimes in your Twin Flame Akashics Hall, the record of your lifetimes connected with your twin soul. 
  • We will look at pivotal and outstanding vows, oaths, contracts and update these to reflect your highest timeline. 
  • We will release outdated relationship contracts and interfering contracts coming between you and your twin flame in list lifetime. 
  • We will clear past lifetimes together that hold trauma or blockages impacting you in this lifetime. 
  • We will more clearly define your twin flame mission or broader purpose for incarnating on the earth together.

You will emerge with a deeper understanding of your twin flame connection, union, and mission. Kasey Goldstraw will give you tools and next steps to assist you on your twin flame union path moving forward.

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90 Minutes: $177 + HST

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