Calling Your Power Back with Michael and Faith



Are you feeling stuck and overwhelmed? Have you lost yourself in a relationship? Are you having a hard time recovering from an entanglement? Are you ready to clear co-dependence and to call your power back?

Michael Archangel, the angel of courage, protection, and divine will and his twin flame Faith, as well as Zadkiel and Amethyst, angels of transmutation, will help you get grounded, to free yourself from toxic patterning and to reclaim your power from those co-dependent connections and to make the most empowering connection, that of your Higher Self.

He reminds you that you are powerful and that it is time to let go of limiting beliefs, distraction, and power over/under relationships.

In this Webinar, we will:

–Help you feel safe standing in your power by calling your power back and upgrading your solar plexus
–Upgrade your connections to release Co-dependence
–Tune into Michael’s Messages of Empowerment
–Realign Your Relationship Chakras and Clear Power Over Imprinting found in Karmic and False Twin Flame Connections
–Disentangle from toxic past life bleed throughs and soul contracts that no longer serve you
–Do a Heart Empowerment, Power Retrieval Ceremony
–Provide Tools for Energy Maintenance and Daily Self Care


Thursday May 11 at 1pm – 3pm EST

on Zoom

$44 Canadian