Healing Audios

Enjoy some of our free healing audios to assist you with your search for calm and balance.

Is This My Twin Flame? Soul Love with Christiel the Golden Angel

Let Archangel Christiel empower you to connect with and explore your twin flame connection and to discover if the person in question is your twin. We practice soul love–a practice which makes your twin energy more magnetic and helps your twin union unfold.

Second Wave Twin Flames and Mission Based Union showing up differently

As more second wave twins awaken and come into union, how union is expressed is transformed. Twins are transformers, here to transform old templates and the nature of relationship and that includes how your union may manifest in this lifetime.

Activating Your Twin Flame Clairvoyance and Telepathy with Raphael and the Seraphim

Invite in your highest clairvoyance and twin flame telepathy to serve you on your twin flame path.

Clearing Greeblies With Archangel Metatron

What is a Greeblie? A Greeblie is energetic gunk, ranging from small bits of debris or interference we pick up in our auric fields to thought forms and lower vibrational “dark” energy all the way up to entities or attachments. I use the word Greeblie to encourage people not to fear “other” energy but to simply take regular steps to call on the unlimited resources of God/Source, the Angels, your Guides and your ever expanding Higher Self to transmute them.

Twin Flame Sacral Chakra Clearing and High Heart Kundalini Activation

Twin Flames Jesus Sananda and Lady Nada clear your individual and twin sacral chakra a thorough clearing from unwanted lower vibrational energies. They, then, light up your high heart kundalini.

Clearing Twin Enmeshment, a Teaching and Activation.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with your twin connection? We discuss energy enmeshment, entanglement, and how to recognize and clear unhealthy cords. We also discuss the nature of the eternal twin heart cord connection and call in your angel team to further strengthen this connection.

Healing Your Life Purpose with Twin Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst

Confused about what comes next? Allow powerful Twin Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst heal blocks to your purpose and twin flame mission with the Amethyst Ray.

Removing Blocks to Your higher self with the Infinity Symbol

In this meditation, we invite in Archangel Raziel, Master of the Rainbow Ray and the Infinity symbol to clear and align your chakras and bring down your soul purpose. The infinity symbol clears, aligns, and protects your aura on all levels.

Twin Flames Essentials Clearing Energies

In this meditation, we call on Buddist Goddess of Compassion Kwan Yin, and twins Lady Nada and Jesus Sananda to clear you, your twin, and your shared third energy. There are angels and masters here at this time to work with twin flames who understand the role of twins in ascension. Second wave Twin Flames are awakening and reuniting in greater numbers in 2018.

Twin Flame Voice Activation

Join us for a twin flame voice activation with Archangel Sandalphon, the angel of music as he clears you and your twin flame’s clairaudience, so that you clearly hear and feel into your twin flame’s voice. This creates a voice recognition awakening when your twin flame hears your voice.

Twin Flame Memory Restoration

Join Kasey Goldstraw Gorgenyi angel intuitive for this twin flame memory restoration and clearing of your greatest fear and block to twin flame union. At this time, many twins are retrieving conscious memory of their twin flame journey. Clearing fears to union is one way to connect to your twin flame mission. In this audio, we clear the most significant fear that has been preventing you from embracing your path of unconditional love. For a group of the divine masculine,‚Äč this fear can be the fear of memory loss itself.

Twin Flame Sacred Marriage with Metatron and Chamuel

If you are a twin in full union connect to the frequencies of sacred marriage as we draw in energies when you were together in the fullness of your union in other dimensions or lifetimes. As a twin pair you hold unique lightcodes of unconditional love. Feel this awareness returned to you and feel the connection to your divine union unfolding. Archangels Metatron, the angel of ascension, and Chamuel, the angel of love and peace, gift you with this beautiful sacred ceremony that transcends time and space.